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Tammi's Amateur Photo Blog: Hotel Photo

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Tammi: Another hotel pic for you ass lovers out there.
Anyone want to pull me back onto the bed?
Maybe i can massage something for you if you massage something on me?

Hi-res (1600x1200) available for VResidents
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March 14, 2019    196,134    15    239 LICKED
Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Tammi ( )



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"I am an adventurous women who really, really likes sex. Exhibitionist and voyeur."


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flag as inappropriate sexyoct    March 18, 2019VResident

love to have my way with you

flag as inappropriate 1simply    March 15, 2019

And then what happens? I know what I would do

flag as inappropriate Big Jon    March 15, 2019

that needs spanking and dragging straight back into bed!!

flag as inappropriate boc    March 15, 2019VResident

you look hot sexy

flag as inappropriate eddy312    March 14, 2019VResident

That ass is hot!

flag as inappropriate ClitLckr    March 14, 2019
VCity Userpic

One hand on each cheek, pulling thong to the side, intent on depositing my seed deep in your pussy......or ass if you want it there!

flag as inappropriate Jackzilla    March 14, 2019VResident
VCity Userpic

Yep thats as far as you.woild get before I snatched those panties down and find plenty to do!!

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