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Tammi's Amateur Photo Blog: Jeans Photo

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Tammi: Another jeans pic per your request. I didn't know men like women in jeans so much! What is next?

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Oct. 19, 2018    248,320    24    296 LICKED
Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Tammi ( )



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"I am an adventurous women who really, really likes sex. My hubby and I love to share private pictures with the right people."


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flag as inappropriate Gilbert    Nov. 7, 2018

Jeans? It's those perfect tit that have my attention! Wow!

flag as inappropriate Gadawg    Oct. 23, 2018VResident
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Nylons, heels and a fat ccok in your mouth!

flag as inappropriate sexyoct    Oct. 21, 2018VResident

love to take your jeans off and play with your to die for nipples

flag as inappropriate Bob2020    Oct. 20, 2018VResident

I LOVE topless in jeans and you do it perfectly

flag as inappropriate adrian l.    Oct. 20, 2018VResident
VCity Userpic

Mmmm....You just take my breath away...

flag as inappropriate justrite    Oct. 20, 2018

I like them with out their jeans.

flag as inappropriate catmech    Oct. 20, 2018

What jeans ?

flag as inappropriate Lick96    Oct. 20, 2018
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I wait to suck your tits until your pussy is dripping. I’m stroking my hard cock right now just thinking about your DSL’s around my cock as I eat your pussy

flag as inappropriate Lick96    Oct. 20, 2018
VCity Userpic

Fucking sexy. I would love to see your kitty

flag as inappropriate Junkyard Dawg    Oct. 19, 2018VResident
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fantastic tits

flag as inappropriate ichi    Oct. 19, 2018
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Mmmmm it’s not the jeans babe ;-)

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