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Tammi's Amateur Photo Blog: Bj Video

Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Tammi ( )

Tammi: Hubby wants to read about men wanting me to suck them off! Leave more comments boyz! LOL. He gets hard....i think.

So here is a video of me giving a BJ.. What do you think?

Bj Wife Dsl Cum Cum On Face Facial Topless Wife Milf Amateur Topless Tits Boobs

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Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Tammi ( )

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flag as inappropriate wellhung1973    March 22, 2019VResident
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That is what my cock needs ..ive never had a tongue looks kind of like a ruined orgasm and I bet it feels amazing.....your very sexy...

flag as inappropriate Thick G    March 10, 2019
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You are so fucking hot, would you do that to me? X

flag as inappropriate Juvy    March 6, 2019

Loved it. Just exploded to this video. I love a lady that can blow like that. Keep em Cumming ;)

flag as inappropriate yourpoolboy    Jan. 26, 2019
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Tammi, that is a very erotic video. The way you tease the head of his cock with you tongue made me hold my breath and I could feel my heart pounding. What an incredible feeling that must be to feel your delicate fingers holding my cock and watching your warm tongue dancing over my cock. The thought of seeing your beautiful lips part and feeling them slide along my shaft while admiring your perky nipples is truly a dream. The only thing I can imagine that would feel better would be to kiss your long slender legs from your ankles to your hips then take you from behind, slowly sliding my cock into your warm wet pussy.
Please keep posting.

flag as inappropriate Santa    Dec. 27, 2018

This is fucking straight up awesome

flag as inappropriate Straiteight    Dec. 19, 2018

Yes you are AWESOME and wish i could get a BJ like that watching you lick and sucking while i cum all over those pretty Lips

flag as inappropriate Chuck    Nov. 28, 2018
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I want to walk up to you outside in the park and you lick my cock

flag as inappropriate BigO    Nov. 19, 2018VResident
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Would love to feel those lips and tongue working my love tool till loads of love juices filled your mouth, then, without swallowing, begin to kiss you deeply to share those juices.....

flag as inappropriate Clever1    Oct. 19, 2018

Yeah I can do that oh my god your so hawt
Nips and DSL are your two sexiest assets

flag as inappropriate Andrij    Sept. 29, 2018VResident
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That is fantastic ! I want you to suck my cock ....!!!

flag as inappropriate 946    Sept. 27, 2018

Added to my favorites page!

flag as inappropriate Short stack    Sept. 25, 2018

So talented very sexy

flag as inappropriate oldguy    Sept. 8, 2018

Damn I would love that hot mouth wrapped around my cock

flag as inappropriate canco    Sept. 7, 2018VResident
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I would want you to take me deeper

flag as inappropriate PoonDawg!    Aug. 31, 2018
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flag as inappropriate Arpek    Aug. 8, 2018
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flag as inappropriate PJAJR77    July 10, 2018
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Oh wow please make me cum like that, I hope your husband wouldn't mind

flag as inappropriate RonB    June 22, 2018
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Oh yeah I would love to see your beautiful face and hot mouth working over my throbbing cock. Your man taking pics and filming you driving me into bliss.
Ever get to Phoenix? I'd gladly meet you in Las Vegas to.

flag as inappropriate Lee    June 12, 2018
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Now that is sooo fucking hot.

flag as inappropriate Stugotz    March 31, 2018
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What do I think? I think I need to be next! Terrific cum shot!

So, do you enjoy the taste of cum, or is just OK? I've had some ladies who beg to taste my cum and others who are on the other end of the scale. Just curious about you!

flag as inappropriate UKuncut    March 21, 2018
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Ah, so you like to suck uncut cock!

I have one for you too.

Cum on over, reftract my foreskin and suck on my head, babe xx

flag as inappropriate JMcockey    March 15, 2018
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watched this a few do have the technique to harden a thick cock..mmmmmmmm

flag as inappropriate Hotinct6    Feb. 22, 2018
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Damn girl you can suck the cum out of my cock anytime

flag as inappropriate rppena123    Feb. 21, 2018

Hot video!!

flag as inappropriate Stugotz & Mrs. Gotz    Feb. 14, 2018
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Amazing! Who was the lucky guy?

flag as inappropriate biasi.lecce    Feb. 2, 2018
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sexy video ..i like

flag as inappropriate Youveseenthese    Jan. 30, 2018
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flag as inappropriate AlbertCummins    Jan. 11, 2018

Fantastic. Tell your hubby i would pay money for you to suck me off and make me cum like that! Im gonna cum like that just watching it again so i would pay cash for you to suck my cock like that. Would you do that? For the thrill? X

flag as inappropriate in awe    Jan. 4, 2018

A pro at work. You know the spot!!!!! but for me you as I cum you need to suck down my cock and milk me dry.

flag as inappropriate Gergali    Jan. 4, 2018

Gorgeous amazing blowjob! Got me really turned on!

flag as inappropriate Cream Filling    Dec. 20, 2017
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I'd love to feel that as I eat her pussy. Then pound her pussy into submission of my cock and loads of cum.

flag as inappropriate dazzler300    Dec. 14, 2017VResident
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incredible video, very sexy

flag as inappropriate Chipper    Dec. 6, 2017

Best bj video

flag as inappropriate pinot    Nov. 27, 2017VResident
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I flinched. Wasn't ready for the eruption. You are sensuous and full of talent.

flag as inappropriate Gilbert    Nov. 16, 2017

Simply amazing!!

flag as inappropriate Beth    Oct. 28, 2017VResident
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flag as inappropriate halfbaked    Oct. 27, 2017
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Works for what I needed, but wish I was there with ya. Your girlfriend too. Yum to you both.

flag as inappropriate THICK    Oct. 24, 2017
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impressive oral skills...may i tempt madam with THICK

flag as inappropriate JMcockey    Oct. 10, 2017
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Just superb....!!!!

flag as inappropriate Chipper    Sept. 18, 2017

Made me cum. Beautiful

flag as inappropriate Hung Dude    Sept. 11, 2017

I think you would like my cock

flag as inappropriate Dick_Long    Sept. 6, 2017VResident
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Tammi, when you get a hard cock in your mouth I bet pleasurable magiical things happen!! And of course the pleasure is all mine as I cum down your throat!!

flag as inappropriate aussieguy    Sept. 4, 2017

WOW , that's an amazing BJ . Would love it to be my dick . So good .

Thanks for sharing !

flag as inappropriate Moodman    Sept. 2, 2017
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Steaming HOT Video ....... Bravo Tammi !

flag as inappropriate Arpek    Sept. 2, 2017
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flag as inappropriate Toni    Sept. 1, 2017

Oh wow that one excellent ejaculating blow jod, you can suck my cock head like that anytime!

flag as inappropriate JMcockey    Sept. 1, 2017
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Very sexy Tammi...mmmmmm....and a good the way you work your

flag as inappropriate dnd    Sept. 1, 2017
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MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMm kiss me baby, I want to taste that cum.............Mikey

flag as inappropriate Easyallday    Sept. 1, 2017
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hmmm you could suck me dry if you like

flag as inappropriate Suckmedry    Sept. 1, 2017

You can suck my hard cock any day, babe!!

flag as inappropriate floorfucker    Sept. 1, 2017
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Outstanding job! I wouldnt be able to control myself either, such talent and skills

flag as inappropriate ThickPak    Sept. 1, 2017

I almost got mad watching you tongue tease him like that....i cried out "put it in your fucking mouth, bitch!".....and then he began spurting cum onto your lips. I guess I'll keep my fucking mouth shut and let you keep giving great head!

flag as inappropriate Aussie roo    Sept. 1, 2017

Wow that was great wish you could do me like that aswell

flag as inappropriate Luke69    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
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Girl i would love to have you licking my knob just like that but i would have to shoot into your mouth. Love a girl who enjoys her talent!

flag as inappropriate just love it    Aug. 31, 2017

I would have no objects if Tammi left lipstick marks on my shaft!

flag as inappropriate Ricroc & Roxy,    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
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Ooh baby! Luv this vid! I want sum! Yummy! Roxy

flag as inappropriate Optimist727    Aug. 31, 2017
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Tammi, Nice job. I would love to have your lips wrapped around
my cock. Hope you have many sexy wet days.

flag as inappropriateRon17    Aug. 31, 2017

great blow job. I don't know who was the lucky guy but I sure wish it could be me. Hope hubby lets you suck many cocks you are at it. Hope you swallow, spitters are quitters.

flag as inappropriate luvnit    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

I'm jealous!

flag as inappropriate ud    Aug. 31, 2017VResident

That was an impressive squirt, mine no longer does that, everything else works fine, I just don't squirt the stuff out anymore. How would you feel about giving a nice old man a blow job but not having any cum to deal with when he gets off?

flag as inappropriate Jon    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
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Awesome, I could so use a BJ right about now, just thinking about your mouth around my cock, gets me excited. KISSES

flag as inappropriate Bob2020    Aug. 31, 2017VResident

Now that was very erotic!!

flag as inappropriate RobVoy    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
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That was an amazing clip, Tammi! I loved how you 'coaxed' the cum in pulsating gushes while tantalizing his head with your soft yet muscular tongue, taking time to taste and take some in---- and all that without interrupting the perfect rhythm you established between your mouth, his cock and most importantly the camera- for us gawkers and vicarious lovers! Was this a self taught technique or did some other person of video inspire it???

flag as inappropriate So Cal Admirer    Aug. 31, 2017VResident

You're nasty...I love nasty... thanks for sharing!

flag as inappropriate Jim27    Aug. 31, 2017VResident

Pretty lips and tongue. I'd love to cock choke your throat and give you a big warm load to swallow.

flag as inappropriate UKuncut    Aug. 31, 2017
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flag as inappropriate kodakuk1    Aug. 31, 2017

Good girl. I think you've got real talent Tammi. Would love to have heard that slurping action though.

flag as inappropriate drgng    Aug. 31, 2017VResident

Im sure you get lots of offers.Love to see him squirt in your mouth

flag as inappropriate Phillyden    Aug. 31, 2017
VCity Userpic

I'd love to have you tongue and suck on my cock until I cum like that

flag as inappropriate tampahubby    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
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expert craftsmanship!

flag as inappropriate ALWAYSHARD1    Aug. 31, 2017

I want to put my hard cock in your pussy fuck you until you're wet then pull out and shove it in your mouth so you can taste and lick your delicious juices off my hard cock while I pinch and pull your nipples the harder you suck the harder I pull then when I get ready to cum I'll grab the back of your head and shove my cock down your throat and have you look up at me so i can stare into your sexy eyes as I explode my warm cum down your throat

flag as inappropriate tigree    Aug. 31, 2017
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sei molto brava!!!! complimenti

flag as inappropriate dnd    Aug. 31, 2017
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MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM wish that was me licking up all that cum, and my mouth around that hard cum shooting cock........Mikey

flag as inappropriate knave    Aug. 31, 2017
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Your educated tongue and mouth really got the job done....a 2 or 3 minute blow job video would
really be outstanding.................

flag as inappropriate grandpa    Aug. 31, 2017

So, why doesn't hubby find you a couple of partners you can suck off in front of him?? Maybe you can do the same and watch him eating another pussy??

flag as inappropriate chanzonxxx    Aug. 31, 2017VResident

Nice work! Love how you stayed on him while he came.

flag as inappropriate excleve    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
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That is a great video you two! Tammi You could give me head like that any time you like! Damn watching that twice has me hard and ready for you

flag as inappropriate Mr.Paparazzi    Aug. 31, 2017
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Awesome sensual and passionate

flag as inappropriate zstaff1975    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
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Mmmmmm yummy. Would you like my cream filled chocolate bar?

 Tammi    Aug. 31, 2017

of course! i like my chocolate bars... big, hard, and long! Will a lot of cream filling

flag as inappropriate zstaff1975    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

Mmmmmm melts in your mouth not in hands .....or pussy.

flag as inappropriateHubby wants to play    Aug. 31, 2017
VCity Userpic

That is not a huge cock like you normally like..........

That gives me hope that I may have a chance with you even though mine is rather average.

flag as inappropriate Madame M. & W.    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

Excellent job!

flag as inappropriate Emily69    Aug. 31, 2017VResident

OMG Beautiful !!!

flag as inappropriate ichi    Aug. 31, 2017
VCity Userpic

Immpecable timing T :-0

flag as inappropriate taste_test    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

You are very talented!

 Tammi    Aug. 31, 2017

wow, is that really your cock?

flag as inappropriate taste_test    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

It sure is. Check out my blog if youd like to see more. And of course lick and follow if you like :)

flag as inappropriate horsehungdego    Aug. 31, 2017
VCity Userpic

Still playing in the minor league. That's a small dick.

flag as inappropriate ud    Aug. 31, 2017VResident

I'm thinking I'd like one of those.

flag as inappropriate Tyro    Aug. 31, 2017
VCity Userpic

Great BJ - Id love to have her immediately take my hard cock in her mouth - with you cum still on her lips and in her mouth!!

flag as inappropriate ThickPak    Sept. 1, 2017

Tell you what Tyro, how about making room for my cock right next to yours in that scenario? Think Tammi could handle a double shot of cum into her lovely mouth?

flag as inappropriate Albeta Hank    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

You are very talented talented with that tongue

flag as inappropriate walterva    Aug. 31, 2017
VCity Userpic

Very hot. Love the red lips

flag as inappropriate Lick96    Aug. 31, 2017
VCity Userpic

I would love to feel your tongue on my cock and I would love to feel my cock in the back of your throat, and I want you to swallow every drop Tammi.

flag as inappropriate Jammer3    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

Tammi, it looks like you are loving it as much as that lucky dick. I'd love to reward you with a big, juicy load like that, so let me buy you a drink, then you can slip under the table to show your appreciation. I'll part my knees to let you get in between my legs. Go ahead, pull down my zipper...and feel free to undo my belt too if you want. I'll even lift my ass off the seat to let you pull my jeans all the way down of you like. Now grab my dick with your soft, gentle hands and feel it pulsing and twitching with anticipation. Move in closer and smell the musky scent. Stroke it slowly as you run your tongue over the fat head...and taste the tart pre-cum that's already oozing out. Now slide your lips over the top, and give a gentle suck. Feel it twitch with excitement and delight. Grab my balls with your free hand and fondle them gently. Feel how hot and heavy they are. Keep stroking the lower half of my dick as you easy your lips down the shaft. Don’t be afraid to rake your teeth along the sides of my cock…especially if you want me to cum with a lot of force. You’ve already got my hips squirming with anticipation and thrusting upwards trying to drive my cock into your throat. So when you are ready to finish me off, take your middle finger off my balls and slip it down to massage my asshole…and then get ready. I’ll grab your head firmly with both hands and pull you down while thrusting upwards at the same moment my cock fills with the first wad of cum. A moment later it’s spraying into the back of your throat with enough force to shoot it all the way down to your stomach. Suck it hard sweetie, suck out all that delicious jizz…and let some of it flow down your throat, but some of the last spurts on your tongue. Then slip back up into your seat, and wash it all down with the last half of your drink…

 Tammi    Aug. 31, 2017

you have a way with words!

flag as inappropriate Jammer3    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

You have a way of inspiring me... ;)

flag as inappropriate ddc    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

I'd love for you to lick your cum off my cock like that

flag as inappropriate Captain    Aug. 31, 2017

ill let you work on hubby whilst I get up in your juicy pussy, take care of matters

flag as inappropriate thelook    Aug. 31, 2017VResident

That is one awesome bj hunny

flag as inappropriate rich2481    Aug. 31, 2017
VCity Userpic

speaking for myself, my purple headed warrior doesnt have any feeling in it, my wife puts it down her throat and runs her tongue on the bottom and milks me dry,,,, how are you at deep throating?

flag as inappropriate rahul dev    Aug. 31, 2017
VCity Userpic

So sexy sensual and hot...xoxoxo

flag as inappropriate jackin    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

You can suck me off

flag as inappropriate iloveboobs    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

Lucky Prick! mm...I think that's so HOT! ...I'd LOVE to feel your tongue on my big, thick cock...mmm...your DSL look so good...mmm...

flag as inappropriate Andrij    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

Fantastic ! Your technique is amazing and would work well on me ..

flag as inappropriate sdpoolboy    Aug. 31, 2017VResident
VCity Userpic

That is so Fucking amazing....WOW!

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