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Tammi: From your feedback, you asked for more sexy pictures of my nips. I hope you like. Leave me some more comments on what you want me to post.
xoxo Tammi

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Posted for Unregistered Guests, VCitizens, VResidents by Tammi ( )



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"I am an adventurous women who really likes being an exhibitionist and voyeur. I enjoy posing in tank tops and sexy posting clothed and nude pics."


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flag as inappropriate TennStud    Nov. 2, 2017
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Great photo. Sometimes leaving it to the imagination is best

flag as inappropriate Dirkdiggler7122    July 25, 2017VResident
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flag as inappropriate SailingPuck    Nov. 27, 2016
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I love nips in the morning sun...promises a good stiff cock nearby...

flag as inappropriate handsomely aged    Sept. 14, 2016
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this is superb......very sexy!
Very womanly.

flag as inappropriate Jammer3    Sept. 14, 2016VResident
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Tammi, your gorgeous tits can even make a white 'wife beater' t-short into something beautiful... ;)

flag as inappropriate Ironmtn614    Sept. 10, 2016

Super sexy shot! WOW!!!

flag as inappropriate Bob2020    Aug. 26, 2016VResident


flag as inappropriate Mid 50 Canadian Couple    Aug. 24, 2016

Tammi , Sweet pea again , fantastic post of your sensational looking natural tits along with those succulent hard nipples , outstanding site you have put together, I would enjoy cuddling your tits just so tenderly, keep havin fun

flag as inappropriate erniev    Aug. 24, 2016VResident

I have spilled lots over your pictures :-)
I would love to see lots more of your smiling face and pussy. Spread pussy even better!!

 Tammi    Sept. 1, 2016
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that is so hot! I love to hear about men cumming to my pics. Makes me feel so attractive and wanted!
how many times?
xoxo tammi

flag as inappropriate Tyro    Aug. 24, 2016
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So hot!!! How about a nice nip pull!

flag as inappropriate pappy29    Aug. 23, 2016
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I'm a sucker for hard nipples lol

flag as inappropriate Peachgrower    Aug. 23, 2016VResident

I love your work. I don't know how about self pleasure in the bath tub??

flag as inappropriate Junkyard Dawg    Aug. 23, 2016
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Your hard nipples make you look very sexy in that shirt. I would like to see some of your wet pussy too.

flag as inappropriate Scuba    Aug. 23, 2016
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Fabulous nipples.

I would love to see a video of you getting them sucked!


flag as inappropriate EPS&SP    Aug. 23, 2016
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Hey Ms. Tammi,
Great nips pic! Terrific!
Since you asked, we like flashing outdoors in public pics; tits and/or pussy.
Thanks for sharing; have a great day.
Tuck and Sarah

flag as inappropriate Lick96    Aug. 23, 2016
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Awesome nipples. Seeing them hard gets me hard. Show some of your hot pussy too.

flag as inappropriate Phillyden    Aug. 23, 2016
VCity Userpic

Love to pull down that top and suck your hot hard nipples

flag as inappropriate iloveboobs    Aug. 23, 2016VResident
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GORGEOUS! Fantastic picture, fantastic nipples...mmm...I want to suck your nipples right through that shirt...

flag as inappropriate luvnit    Aug. 23, 2016VResident
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flag as inappropriate Curved1    Aug. 23, 2016
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Oh Yes! This is a fantastic view!!!!

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